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These games are packed with optional stuff not required to beat them, like Gruntys, but I covered those elsewhere. This guide will cover optional characters, dungeons, and other little things.

At different points in the game threads will show up on the message board relating to these three characters. If you choose to go along and help them out you'll gain their member address. You don't need to recruit them, but why wouldn't you?

Natsume / Female Twin Blade
Sanjuro / Male Heavy Blade
Gardenia / Female Long Arm

Natsume and Sanjuro are "missable" in this game. If you get the weapon they request and choose to keep it, then leave and sell/trade/discard the weapon, then that's that! Until you get to Lambda server in Mutation anyway since the weapon shop there sells those things! In fact, if you skip those characters, then in Mutation/Outbreak/Quarantine you could just buy the weapons, take them to the dungeon, and they'll automatically recognize you as having them and ask for them! In that way you can skip running through their dungeons!

Goblin Tag
The goblins love to "play tag." Of course it's not your usual game of tag. You must go to their field alone and try to kill them. Each of the first four goblins will give you a piece of the rare goblin armor. Defeating the fifth will net you the key item "Imp's Pin." Equip all four pieces of the armor after getting the pin and you'll be able to cast a pretty tough summon spell!

[Delta] Detestable Golden Sunny Demon
Goblin: Stehoney / HP: 190

[Delta] Detestable Golden Messenger
Goblin: Jonue / HP: 330

[Delta] Detestable Golden Scent
Goblin: Zyan / HP: 470

[Delta] Detestable Golden New Truth
Goblin: Albert / HP: 750

These guys are all cake. Bring a Speed Charm, Warrior Blood, and Hunter's Blood to take them out quickly.

[Delta] Detestable Golden Gate
Goblin: Martina / HP: 890

This final goblin is abit more difficult then the others since she can cast Rig Saem to regenerate her HP. Even so just bring the same items as before and make sure you're at a high level with a good weapon and the fight shouldn't last long. For this and all the rest I suggest using a weapon with the Saber Dance skill! Its got surprisingly interesting range!

Summon Goblin is the true reward for beating all five goblins. It's a non-elemental skill that attacks one enemy, but what an attack! It's pretty powerful for the first game and part of the second plus it costs only 25 sp to boot. Its also the only non-scroll based summon you'll have access for until the second game.

Secret Dungeons
There are dungeons out there that hold rare items you will want to get your hands on. But what are the keywords needed to find these areas? Well, if you watch the first .hack//Liminalty episode with subtitles on - the area names will flash across the screen. But if you want to find them out the easy way I've got them listed here!

[Delta] Voluptuous Her Remnant - Lv.3 Fire

Rare Items:
- Kagayuzen: A rare body armor with the skill Miu Lei. Found at the Gott Statue.
- Rusty Nails: A rare twinblade weapon with the skills Saber Dance and Miu Lei. Found in a treasure box in the northeast most room of B3.

[Delta] Hideous Organ Market Scaffold - Lv.14 Wood

Rare Item:
- Ice Bar: An item to trade to the NPC Panta in .hack//Mutation for the rare Heavy Axe weapon: Key Axe. Found at the Gott Statue.

[Theta] Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy - Lv.19 Earth

Rare Items:
- Ceramic Helm: A head armor with the skills Rig Saem and Rig Geam. Found at the Gott Statue.
- Soul Blades: A twinblade weapon with the skills Dark Dance, Tiger Claws, and Ranki Lei. Found in a treasure box in the northwest most room of B3.

Bonus Dungeon
After you've beaten the game you'll get an e-mail about those things you may have seen in the skies of some Delta server Areas! High level monsters including a "super boss" await! btw, you can only get Protect Break on said boss with physical attacks, so bringing a Wavemaster along won't do you much good. Its a short dungeon so just be sure to bring along plenty of healing items and you should be!

[Delta] Hideous Someone's Giant - Lv.30 Water

Rare Item:
- Hyakkidouran: A rare twinblade weapon with the skills Flame Dance, Blazing Wheel, and Twin Dragons. Obtained by using Data Drain on the boss monster.

Affection & E-Mail
Raising your allies affection will net you e-mails from them. If you want to learn more about them, respond with the replies below. As a note, Mia & Elk will not mail you regardless of affection. To check an allies current affection level open up Ryu Book V. Affection can be raised simply by having a person in your party for certain periods of time, giving them items and equipment, and responding properly to e-mail as seen below. Certain party members send "extra" mails unattached to the main chain, but there are still "correct" answers to them which net s +20 to affection. In .hack//Infection, the maximum affection level is 250.

Mail #1: What do you...
Reply With: Well sometimes...

Mail #2: Well sometimes...
Reply With: How about you?

Mail #3: RE: How about you?
Reply With: Sophomore...?!

Mail #4: RE: Sophomore...?!
Reply With: I'm in 8th grade

Extra Mail #1: In the beginning
Reply With: Thank you -or- I'll try. (Either one is fine.)

Extra Mail #2: Hey
Reply With: Got Virus Core

Mail #1: It's Mistral :)
Reply With: Apple Pie

Mail #2: RE: Apple Pie
Reply With: Beef Stew

Mail #3: RE: Beef Stew
Reply With: You're a good cook

Mail #4: RE: You're good cook
Reply With: Sometimes...

Extra Mail #1: Hi hi!
Reply With: OK

Mail #1: Question
Reply With: 'Right Now?' -or- 'Um...'

Mail #2: Ideas About Youth
Reply With: Good to Have

Mail #3: RE: Good to Have
Reply With: Are you

Mail #1: BIO
Reply With: I'm in 8th grade.

Mail #2: RE: I'm in 8th grade
Reply With: I read

Mail #3: RE: I read
Reply With: Favorite books

Mail #1: Yojimbo
Reply With: Really?

Mail #2: RE: Really?
Reply With: Wow

Mail #3: RE: Wow
Reply With: That's

Mail #1: Things I Like
Reply With: Really?

Mail #2: RE: Really?
Reply With: I like them too.

Mail #3: RE: I like them too
Reply With: Huh?

Hero of Zeit
The Hero of Zeit. Like the goblins, this is another special event that you can participate in any time you wish. The point of this event is to get the the end of any dungeon starting with the keyword "Chronicling" in a speedy way. The time to beat for first place is 2 minutes and 12 seconds set by Balmung himself. If you're able to beat that time you will get a set of rare time armor! Rank in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place and you'll only receive one piece of the set. Bring Speed Charms and Fairy Orbs!

Ryu Books
Ryu Books are Key Items generated after using Data Drain a number of times. Within these books holds the records of your gameplay, and the key to unlocking additional desktop accessories, music, and videos. Using Data Drain 80 times may sound overwhelming but if you're looking for virus cores, good equipment, or just need to weaken monsters that keep getting revived your count will go up in no time.

10: Ryu Book I
20: Ryu Book II
30: Ryu Book III
40: Ryu Book IV
50: Ryu Book V
60: Ryu Book VI
70: Ryu Book VII
80: Ryu Book VIII
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