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Wing / Male Blademaster

> Oh, ah... Hello...
• People pick on me 'cuz I can be a little clumsy.
• Hel... hello... I'm not used to this...
• This is all new to me.
> Um... I really don't like to talk much. There's nothing to talk about.

Macky / Male Wavemaster
> Hi! What level are you?
• It's hard to level up... Or is it just me?
• I'm trying to work out more and stay healthy. I'm drinking protein right now, but it's so gross. Know of any way to make it go down easier?
• Anyway, listen. I always chicken out at the most crucial moments. What's wrong with me?
> What? You wanna hear about my workout sessions? Later, OK?

NOVA / Male Heavy Blade
> Hey, hangin' in there?
• You're a newbie right? I can tell by the way you move.
• Hey, do you watch a lot of anime? I only watch it once in a while. Did you watch "Supernova" this week? It's awesome! Is Kaneto Shiozame the captain's voice?
• I'm gonna learn more English since I'm gonna be talking to foreigners online.
> Hey can you check out my English accent? Dis is a pain. How's that sound? OK?

Sachiko / Female Wavemaster
> Wish I could get good items...
• ...? Hey! There's something on your shoulder! What? No, I haven't seen any kind of powerful warrior ghosts!
• I never have any luck... Seems to be the same with areas...
• Something eerie happened to me today. 50 black cats appeared before me and just stared at me. What do you think?
> When you hear about unfortunate incidents, doesn't it make you feel you're lucky to be here?

Neja / Male Twin Blade
> Yo yo! Are ya havin' fun?
• This game rocks! The story and design is the bomb!
• Say hi to Piros for me.
• This game is soooo awesome!! What? No, I'm not one of the programmers. =-)
> Hey! You're not the sorceress! I was fooled by your red color. Sorry, but I'll be on my way now.

Heavy / Female Wavemaster
> ......
• ......... ......... ... Sorry... slow connection...
• ......... ......... Hey, this is supposed to be broadband...
• ......... ......... Can... I help... you? Sorry... it's about... to... crash... again...
>' to...slow...down ag....ain....

Benkei / Male Heavy Axemen
> Morning! What's up?
• Heavy Axemen are so slow! I should have been a Twin Blade.
• Come to think of it, Benkei used a spear, not an ax... I'm gonna redo my character.
• Are you gonna give me that item? I'm Benkei; you know I collect weapons, right?
> Hey! I just got an email from Ushiwaka. Gotta go.

Hayate / Female Twin Blade
> Good evening. How are you?
• Hey wait a sec! I've never seen that weapon before! Oh... wait. I have it... don't you wish you had something more powerful?
• Aren't Twin Blades weak? I should have picked Heavy Blade.
• Roaring Twin Blade... Hayate Beam! Now you must deal with me, the beautiful warrior princess, Hayate! Oh...! How long have you been standing there?!
> ..? Do I hear a cry for help?! The beautiful Twin Blade Hayate is on her way. Just you wait!

Task / Male Long Arm
> Wassup!
• That's so intense! For me, that's like a 100 HIT combo.
• I dunno about the next prez. Seems like he knows what's up, but I doubt he can fix the GD0 prob.
• Ain't it different with W3 at full blast? I thought even the patch wouldn't fix it. CC does a pretty good job though.
> You like gossip, don'cha? Well, just hold on 'cuz I'm gonna get some really juicy info in a bit.

Hinata / Female Blademaster
> How are you doing?
• There are so many fights going on within my group. I wish we could all get along.
• I just started this game and finally I'm getting the hang of it.
• Hope I make a hundred friends.
> I turn my back for a sec to chat, and my mailbox is full. Hold on, let me sort everything out.

A-Kichi / Male Wavemaster
> Morning!
• Even though it's only a game, this is so cool. I'm loving every minute of it.
• The cool ones are awesome to watch.
• Your character is pretty cool!
> I hope the cops don't overhear our conversation. Well, I'm outta here. Later.

Cleama / Female Long Arm
> Y'know what?
• There are some really annoying people out there. What is up with Yuckey?! She totally bugs.
• There's this teacher at school we all hate. Let's see how he feels when someone throws an eraser at him.
• The items in this town are pretty lousy.
> What? What do you want? Stop following me around. I'm busy.

Grid / Male Long Arm
> I'm so bored.
• Lalalala. What was that song?! It goes, "lalalala..." It's been looping in my head forever. But I can't remember the name of the song.
• ...and tired... I need sleep...
• Hey! That radio show's on tonight! You know that show, "Talk ON"? It's soooo hilarious. Talk ON!! Right on!
> Phew... I'm tired now, so I'm taking off. Bye.

Quess / Female Wavemaster
> This kinda bugs me...
• Why am I not leveling up? I've fought so many enemies.
• Lotta ships passed by on this river, but now you don't see any. What happened?
• There's always people here... What do they all do for a living...?
> So many questions in life... Why, why, why? That's the infinite question.

Nekoski / Male Heavy Axeman
> Cats are so cute!
• I just love their paws...
• He-ow! That's my new greeting. What do you think? It's half human and half cat. Pretty cool, huh?
• Let me introduce my cats. Maine, a Maine Coon and Blue, a Blue Russian. Creative names, eh?
> Meow! Oh wait, my cats are calling me. I gotta go.

Gyokuro / Male Wavemaster
> Hiya! You wanna trade?
• Back when I worked in the office, dinner was a pain, but now that I work at home... ...lunch is also a pain...
• I really shouldn't be doing this. I have a deadline to meet. But I just can't help it.. This is so addicting...
• Hey, what're you having for dinner? Let's see, I had fried rice yesterday and curry today... Hey, wait a sec! How about curry fried rice?! Call me Chef Gyokuro from now on.
> ...What? Nothing?! I thought I wrote the whole script! It must've been a dream! This is definitely not good. I'd better get started right away. Catch you later.

Osugi / Male Twin Blade
> Good Morning! Or is it good afternoon?
• During summer, I long for the biting chill of winter. And in winter, I miss the glaring hot summer sun... Am I selfish...?
• I swear I had loads of cash in here, but there's barely anything in my wallet now... Don't you ever dream of episodes like that?
• Sometimes I take a nap and end up sleeping the entire day.
> I shouldn't be talking about this... it's really embarrassing. It's only going to get worse.

Acreola / Female Long Arm
> Hello! Have you gotten used to the game?
• Random keywords are convenient, but if you're not careful you can end up in a high level area. It might be best to use words that can controls levels in the beginning.
• Do you have any pets? I have a cat and she's adorable!! ...Oh no! I forgot to feed her!!! Bye!!
• I've been pulling all nighters playing this game. I'm running on pure adrenaline now.
> Um... I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll talk to you later.

Borscht / Male Blademaster
> Hey, what's up?
• I've started rapping. It's a great way to unwind. Check, check it out.
• I lived in Russia for a year. I can speak a little Russian, so I'll teach you sometime.
• It's good to stock up on scrolls in the beginning since you don't have that many skills.
> I'm having trouble writing my new song. I can't make it rhyme right. I'm going to sit on it for a while.

M-78 / Male Blademaster
> Heh heh heh.
• Hey, isn't that Balmung?! You looked! Haha, what a nerd.
• I heard that if you wander around here it raises your defense, heh heh heh.
• The Mac Anu bridge is pretty old so there's a chance you might fall through. Careful when you cross...
> Heh heh. Now how should I take advantage of them next time? Hey! Don't eavesdrop! I'm still working on it!

Yuckey / Male Wavemaster
> Hey, hey, hey, how're you doing?
• Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey So, how many times did I say, "hey"?
• Hey, hey, hey, which do you like better, curry or ramen?
• Hey hey hey hey! Do you prefer bread or rice?
> Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're buggin' me. Do you have to talk to me now?

Nijukata / Male Heavy Blade
> Um... Have we met?
• Killing weak enemies doesn't do much to your EXP.
• Sorry! I'm so forgetful these days. I'll remember; wait a sec. Wait, have we met in real life?
• My neck starts to hurt after playing the game too much. My mom tells me to quit. But that just ain't gonna happen.
> Um... who're you again? Your name's on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, I'll remember next time.

Hirami / Female Blademaster
> Yo, wanna know something?
• If you wanna save money, you gotta sell off your items.
• Hirami says be careful of weird players on the field... Be aware of your surroundings.
• The number of items you can carry is limited, so you should store them at the Elf's Haven.
> So, do you like the Hirami Insider? I'll have more the next time we meet up. How's that?

Henako / Female Wavemaster
> Oh yeah! Come on! Right on!
• Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala
• You're a fine gentleman. You got hormones on? You're making me hot!
• I am Henako, the goddess of love!
> Henako is tired... Henako has no more energy. Time for Henako to sleep. Good night, says Henako.

BIG / Male Blademaster
> .......... ..Sorry.... I was thinking about something...
• How long have you been playing this game?
• What...? What do you want?
• Uh... wait a sec... Um... uh... man, I forgot what I was going to say! Wait, don't talk to me now. I'll remember what I wanted to say. Just give me a sec.
> Hmm... you know what? Can you leave me alone for awhile? I can't concentrate with people around.

Yuji / Male Blademaster
> Oh, hello there.
• I've played this game for a long time, but it's like the other RPGs. Is there a true RPG?
• Everyone likes stability. RPGs, society, everything is always the same. That's how people like it.
• It's too peaceful. So are we just going to live like this? Or are we going to live by our own rules?
> Hey hey, could you not look at me with those puppy dog eyes? For what it's worth, I think geniuses are a little whacked... Haha.

Cima / Female Long Arm
> You're a long ways off before you can talk to me!
• Nothing but losers lately. Don't people know this game is too heavy for them?
• Everyone's preoccupied with Balmung or Orca. "The World" doesn't revolve around THEM.
• Who do you think you're talking to! I'm sure you've heard of me... ...Haven't you?!
> Are you still here?! What's your problem?! Don't you get it?! If you get it, then scram.

Koji / Male Wavemaster
> I'm doing just fine, thanks.
• I get mistaken a lot for Cossack policeman.
• I just started playing, but I like it already, thanks.
• Correct. There are some scary enemies.
> What? Yes, can I help you?

Crest / Male Heavy Axemen
> Oh, hi.
• This is my first online game, so I don't quite get it yet...
• I'm a bio major, so I'm basically computer illiterate.
• This is something that's been on my mind for a while. Why are there only 5 grades from A-F?
> After speaking with you, I yearn to do some research.... That is all that is on my mind right now. I shall speak with you later.

Mayunosuke / Male Heavy Blade
> Hi there.
• When I told Yuckey that I liked bread, she just said, "Oh". What does that mean?
• I feel like I'm going to the same place over and over again...
• When I told Yuckey that I liked curry, she just said, "Oh." What does that mean?
> ...................... Sorry...! The'

Mutsuki / Male Blademaster
> How's it going?
• They say there's a keyword that controls the difficulty of the area... I knew that.
• Hey, I'm a pro when it comes to cats. I hope there's a bunch of 'em in "The World."
• Group magazine! Cool! You can meet a lot of cool people through something like this.
> So... can I interest you in purchasing a cat ear book that I made? I think you'll like it.

Oborozukiyo / Male Twin Blade
> My goal! Conquer 10 areas in one day!!
• Oooh, I get so excited when I visit cat web pages...
• I was given an assignment for the magazine, but it has become racy. 'Tis OK, I hope... But if I send this, Mutsuki shall be furious. I shall use my ninja skills to tone it down a bit.
• I went to a slightly higher level area and got wiped out... I have a long ways to go.
> Now I shall excuse myself since I am in the midst of writing a love letter to my beloved Alicia. Please refrain from communicating my true feelings about her. 'Tis embarrassing.

Bell / Female Twinblade
> Good afternoon! I'm Bell, a Twin Blade!
• I'm so busy I don't have time to Level UP. This sucks!
• You just started playing? Me too!
• Do you watch a lot of TV? What do you think about those reality shows?
> You... don't know who I am, right? What? Uh... oh... um, nothing. I think I'm going to shut up now.

Cossack Leader / Male Wavemaster
> Hah! The patrol today feels great!
• Oi, I love to dance. You know, like cossack dancing.
• Hah! I've taken it upon myself to take patrols to make this game safe.
• Oi, I want to become strong like the Crimson Knight!
> Yessir! Nothing else to report, sir!

Alue / Male Wavemaster
> Yo! How are you?
• Add 'see' to the end of your sentences and you can talk like me, see?
• Yo, if you got any questions, just ask me.
• I may not seem like it, but I'm an idol in "The World," see?
> Hey, if I keep talking to you, my fans are gonna get rowdy, see. The rule is: 3 minutes per person. I'm sure I'll have some free time in the future. Make an appointment with my secretary.

Alpha Ichigoro / Male Long Arm
> Bonjour! I am Alpha Ichigoro!
• I was born in Roma, but live in Tokyo. You know Sushi Co.? I like pasta rolls the best.
• How are you? I am just wonderful!
• In Italy we have pasta every day! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pasta, pasta. All day pasta.
> Ah... I don't understand what you say. I study what you say now. Talk to me later. I go study now. Bye.

Alicia / Female Blademaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Fossil Bracer for 10 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Power Book for 25 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Hands of Earth for 10 Well Water.

Stare / Female Wavemaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Tolerance Book for 25 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Hands of Water for 10 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Frost Bracer for 10 Pure Water.

Flare / Female Twin Blade
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Fire Bracer for 10 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Insight Book for 25 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Hands of Fire for 10 Burning Oil.

Fool / Male Wavemaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Air Bracer for 10 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Spiritual Book for 25 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Hands of Wood for 10 Holy Sap.

Teria / Female Long Arm
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Storm Bracer for 10 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Graceful Book for 25 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Hands of Storm for 10 Sports Drink.

Waffle / Male Twin Blade
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Shadow Blades for 10 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Swift Book for 25 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Ebony Wand for 10 Cooked Bile.

Cyan / Male Heavy Blade
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Miner's Gloves for 10 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Ceramic Anklet for 10 Well Water.
• I'll trade 1 Feng Shui for 25 Well Water.

Panta / Male Wavemaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Frost Anklet for 10 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Water Magic for 25 Pure Water.
• I'll trade 1 Fishing Gloves for 10 Pure Water.

Jutah / Male Twin Blade
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Smith's Gloves for 10 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Iron Anklet for 10 Burning Oil.
• I'll trade 1 Fire Magic for 25 Burning Oil.

Annri / Female Wavemaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Oak Anklet for 10 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Wood Magic for 25 Holy Sap.
• I'll trade 1 Forest Gloves for 10 Holy Sap.

Benoit / Male Twin Blade
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Gloves for 10 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Anklet for 10 Sports Drink.
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Magic for 25 Sports Drink.

John / Male Blademaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Black Magic for 25 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Midnight Axe for 10 Cooked Bile.
• I'll trade 1 Unicorn Blade for 10 Cooked Bile.

Micino / Female Blademaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Grand Armor for 5 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Hiking Gear for 5 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Cloak for 10 Golden Axe, 10 Silver Axe.

Tim / Male Wavemaster
> Do you want to trade?
• I'll trade 1 Thunder Torque for 10 Silver Axe, 10 Silver Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Ice Hunter Cap for 5 Golden Axe.
• I'll trade 1 Fire Dance Hat for 5 Golden Axe.

Post - Theta Cursed Despaired Paradise


• Didn't you ever have to stay after school when you didn't finish your lunch? I hated carrot, so I snuck 'em into my backpack when the teacher wasn't looking. Heh heh.
• I didn't know how to use the Chaos Gate when I started. But this guy Orca showed me how... want to thank him sometime...
• I didn't know how to equip, so I asked Cima how, and I was told to pack up and leave "The World." Online games have both cool people and rude people...

• I tried to boost my confidence by being in a play, but I was so nervous I totally forgot my lines.
• This guy called Orca got me out of a bad situation once...
• I'm trying to work out more and stay healthy. I once went on this vigorous workout regimen and was hospitalized.

• Hey, do you watch a lot of anime? I only watch it once in a while. Did you watch "Magical Miss Nova"? I just love how she says, "Bippity bop" when she casts spells.
• My English is getting better. Listen! Am I a flower? Yes. I am. See? Perfect.

• I think I'm one of those girls that are forever cursed or something... you know? Yeah, that's it. I wonder what's gonna happen next?
• You know what? Just between you and me... I see... ghosts... There's a girl with a white face behind you...!!!
• The only rare item that I have... I got it from Orca... Wonder what he's doing these days...

• I went on a journey with this girl last time and it felt so real, man. It's like destiny that we met.
• I got this weird rash last week. I went to the doctor's and it was an insect bite. Careful where you go, man.
• The random area selector is totally awesome! It's such a thrill!

• ......... ......... What... does... PING... 3000 mean...?
• ......... ......... ...My connection... is so slow... ...Don't... talk to me... ...too... much...
• ......... ......... Um... wait... Can... you see... me? This is... so... slow...

• I have a friend named Ushiwaka and He is just SO cool. Wish I could be like him.
• Lots of people give me items, but they're all useless.

• Hey wait a sec! I've never seen that weapon before! Where did you get it? I want one too. Hahaha.
• Aren't Twin Blades weak? Should have picked Heavy Blade.
• I wanna make an impact when I make an appearance... But I gotta level up before I try anything stupid... Otherwise, it'll be embarrassing.

• The head of Jyoto Elec. was mugged again. Well, what retard carries around $1 millon in his wallet?!
• The Sigma guy who was against the two, Azure Sky and Sea... I heard he be all worked up. Well it's just a rumor.
• Did you read Game Weekly? That sucks! That's why I hate the BQ Gen. That's what happens when you keep shooting beams at people.

• Weren't you walking with Orca the other day? That's quite impressive, to know such a celebrity.
• Um... if you know Orca, you must also know Balmung? Um... do you think you can introduce me to them?
• I think my cousin hates me. Pretty sad, huh? But I'm going to pull through this. I'm not giving up.

• I've seen there 2 really cool players. I think they were called "Descendants of Fianna"... I'd like to see them again.
• I'm so glad there's the voice recognition feature now. I hated using the stupid keyboard.
• We train by killing. That's the code of conduct in this world...

• There's this other dude who talks like a yakuza. Bet he's a paperboy or somethin'.
• This girl asked me out. But she's a butter face... Hope I don't run into her.

• Speaking of radio, they read my fan mail over the air last weekend. It was awesome, man! Talk ON! Yeah!
• Lalalala... you know, THAT song?! You know what I'm taking about? That's the only part I can remember.

• I started this at 8AM and when I looked at the clock, it was 8AM again... That's scary...
• Hey, do ya think that Balmung's sleeves were modeled after Elvis?
• Orca of Azure Sea.. I haven't seen him in a while... I wonder why?

• Cats sound like babies when they cry at night. Kinda creepy! But also cute at the same time...
• Cats sitting out in the sun always look so content.
• All the cat lovers out there will probably use it. It'll spread like wildfire. Do you think it'll be popular?

• If only I had a girlfriend I wouldn't have to worry about eating out alone... Then we could feed each other as well... It's so lonely eating by myself...
• I work at home, but they started construction so I can't get anything done during the day... So, I decided to work at night. When am I supposed to sleep?
• I heard people are dishing out real money for rare items. CC bans that kind of action... but oh well... I don't want it that bad... I can barely make my rent as is... I hope I can pay my bills this month...

• Yeah, like when you're looking for something only to find it in you own hand.
• I went shopping yesterday, but I was wearing my shoes on the wrong feet.
• I eat ice cream next to the heater in the winter... And eat hot stew by the AC in the summer... Is that wrong?

• Do you have any pets? I have a cat. I was talking to Meowman about cats the other day. You think I'm bad?! Try talking to him!
• I'm trying to break the record. 48 hours non-stop! I don't know much longer I can go, though.

• Saving often at the Recorder is common sense. Oh $hit! I have homework!
• But I'm a beginner so they won't let me scratch or do the turntables. WHAT?! Rappers and DJs are different?!
• Here's a Russian word for the day. Vodka. How's that? Doesn't get any more Russian than that.

• I heard that if you wander around here, it raises your attack power, heh heh heh.
• There's so many guys who lie to you. Newbies get tricked a lot. Hey, you should be careful too, you know.
• Hey, I saw 10,000GPs on the ground in back of an alley. Really, check it out!

• Hey hey hey hey! Isn't there an annoying guy that keeps asking you stuff?
• Hey hey hey hey! Do you like me or hate me?
• Hey, hey, hey, have you seen a weird object in the sky?

• Hey, you're Yoshida, right? I'm always like this. Don't take it personally, OK? Sorry about leaving you last time. ...Say something.
• Wait a minute! Oh no, my back!! My back went out again! Man, this sucks...
• You should check the Board often.

• Hirami thinks the PC named Wing is very weird. Hirami's advice? Stay away! FAR away. I was also talking to Cima... This one was in a trance. Talk about 2 weirdos...!
• If you change your equipment, your skills change as well. You should pay attention to skills and not parameters, when choosing new equipment.
• I heard there's a rare item called, "Hyakkidouran." What language is that? It's so cool.

• You! Identify yourself in 16 characters or less.
• I'm like, getting this strong aura from you.
• Let me place the Henako love beam upon those that are walking up that path. See? Feel the love now?

• You wanna know how to get items? It's not that hard. Use your head.
• Uh...wait a sec... Um... uh... man, I forgot what I was going to say! Oh yeah, now I remember! It's about the item. Uh... I think...
• I heard a really bad rumor about the game once... I hope it's just a rumor...

• You don't need a revolution, but if you're afraid of change, then how are we to evolve and move foward?
• What do you believe in? I say, go with your instinct.
• If nothing else happens in the game, I don't think I'll log in for a while. It's too bad...

• Hahaha! We're all pretty much equals.
• I've been playing since Balmung was a wee lad... Gotcha! Game characters don't "grow up" on screen. You should know that by now.
• Hmm, am I the strongest right now? Haven't seen that annoying Orca lately...

• Think I finally got a feel for the game, thanks.
• Correct. I can't seem to get good weapons.
• Correct, I have no sense of direction, but that's what makes it exciting at the same time.

• I hadn't used keywords until recently.
• Hmmm...I'm amazed at the evolutionary structure of the organisms in this world. How do monsters reproduce? I'd love to write a thesis on this topic.
• I've never talked to someone of the opposite sex since I've been studying my whole life. This is embarrassing, but I hope this can lead to something in the future.

• I got a great item! I'm soooo happy!
• I saw Balmung a while ago. I'd love to have those wings of his...
• Do you know about the Zeit Statue on the Board? I'm really getting into it these days.

• They say there's a spring that will power up items... ...I knew that.
• Ain't there a cat player?! I wanna do that too... Do you know how?
• I work on the same magazine, but what he writes about is really racy, you know? Well, I really shouldn't be the one to talk... Hahaha.

• I've heard of a famous player called Orca. I wish I could play with him.
• Oh, sometimes when I run into Alicia and Stare, I get butterflies in my stomach. 'This love, I believe.
• Hmm... my cat ear comics... I wish to have the famous Orca read through them...

• When I'm too busy to play, someone else plays my character and levels up for me. He's unemployed, so he has all the time in the world.
• Have you heard of Orca? He's a really famous player!
• Did you watch the one they did in Australia? That was so intense, man! I have to admit, I'm kinda addicted to those shows.

Cossack Leader
• Oi, there's a weird player where I'm stationed... I never want to be like that. He really should learn a thing or two from Orca...
• Oi! What the...?! There's a rock in my burger!!
• Hah! My goal is to become a player like Orca!

• Yo, Orca is famous, but not as much as me.
• Balmung is jealous of me 'cuz now I get all the attention, see?
• This is gonna spread like wildfire, see? It'll take over the nation, see?

Alpha Ichigoro
• Next time, you and Orca eat spaghetti I make, si?
• Sushi, mangia mangia.
• Oh! Bravo! You're the one who was with Orca, non?



• Cima...?! What? I'd never give her the time of day! Haha.
• The server suddenly crashed, and I just lost it! But it was cool 'cuz no one can see you freak out.
• I was surprised when the server went down. I didn't know that could happen.

• The server went down and all my hours of leveling up went down as well...
• I'm trying to work out more and stay healthy. I'm starting to become all muscle, but I heard that muscle made from protein is all fake muscle.
• If I can't level up in the game, Then I'll level up in real life by working out...

• Remember the latest server crash? Just don't hit the reset button and stay calm.
• Hey, do you watch a lot of anime? I only watch it once in a while. I was watching "Novamon" when the server crashed, so I was OK.
• I think it's better if I study abroad.

• I lost the rare item when the server crashed... How unlucky can I get...
• I hope the server didn't crash because of my bad luck...?! Hey, why are you looking away!?
• Just between you and me... I see... ghosts...

• I'm so screwed. My homework's piling up but I'd rather play "The World"...
• The server crashed? Don't matter to me. That's just fine!!
• It's exciting because of the fact that the server crashes. Don't you get it, man?!

• ......... ......... Do I... look... like I'm... walking... normally...? It looks like... I'm... warping...
• ......... ......... ...the server crashed...? Happens to me... every day... ...hahahahaha... =(
• ......... ......... Uh... sorry... It froze.... so I had... to... reboot...

• I got a great one from a treasure box, but I had to leave it in storage 'cuz I couldn't carry anymore.
• Attacks are useless against ghosts. I should've got some magic...
• When I talked to Hayate, he said that the Heavy Axeman's cool. Yeah, he's got power, but...

• Magic skills never work too well on Golems... I should've beefed up on attack skills.
• When I was talking to Benkei, we were both envious of each other's job class...
• Hey! Did you get a new weapon? How did you get so many weapons in such a short time?!

• Madame Cobalt doesn't look 95 at all! I guess all that surgery paid off...
• That thing from before... I heard a couple of guys on the maintenance crew got popped.
• So what else is going on? Are you starting to rake in the dough?! Yeah, I bet you are.

• My goal is to have 100 friends! I'm at 38 now, so I have 62 left to go!
• I found out later that the server crashed. I was on the phone at the time, so that saved me. I owe my friend one!
• Were you all right when the game crashed?

• What else is there in "The World?"
• Something must've happened.
• Wonder if there's anything else I can make money off of...

• Hey, I bet it's his fault that the server crashed. It's too weird...
• So what's happening tonight?
• "The World's" servers are always crashing.

• I'm getting kinda hungry. I think I'll head out...
• Oh no! It's almost time for it to start! I'm off. See ya. Keep it ON forever, man!
• Lalalala... Oh! Now I remember!! You know, it's the theme song of that one show... what was it called???

• It hasn't been that long since the server crashed... but there's still so many people...
• The day the server crashed, my relationship also crashed.
• Hey, do Grunties eat Grunty veggies raw? Oh man...?!

• I bought the best cat toys! Made from 100% cat hair. I just love cats.
• I wanna be more cat-like and cute. Can guys wear those cat ears? Have you seen any guys wearing 'em?
• My cat stays up with me when I drink. I know it's for food, but it's kinda nice.

• Well, I'd better get back to work. ... OK, just one more level...
• Oh yeah, I poured curry over some fried rice and it was great. It'll revolutionize menus from now on. I should've studied cooking. Think it's too late to become a chef?
• I got a damn cold sore.

• Listen to this; I'm such a romantic... I look up at the summer sky filled... ...with fireworks and stop in my tracks to touch the snowflakes that whirl in the winter sky...
• I went out to eat and couldn't decide what to order, and then forgot what I ordered...
• Sometimes, I forget to have breakfast, but I think I'll make it up at lunch and end up not eating anything at all.

• It was hard for me when I played all night too... but "The World" is so much fun!
• I sometimes see something weird in the sky... Do you know what it is?
• The server crash was OK, but I had to reset everything and start all over... Oh well...

• I became friends with this guy Kikurin the other day, and it turns out he WAS my friend! Isn't that funny?
• I was just rappin' since da server was down. Da name's Borscht, drop me a line.
• Here's a Russian word for the day. Gorbachev. How's that? Sounds totally Russian.

• Hey, this is what I heard, but "The World" is gonna shut down later this month.
• I heard that if you wander around here, it raises your max HP, heh heh heh.
• Hey, did you know that if your party dies on the field, you have to take home the dirt on the field?

• Hey hey hey hey! Am I bothering you?
• Hey hey hey hey! Or yo yo yo yo! Which do you prefer?
• Hey, hey, hey, I heard a strange sound. Do you know anything about it?

• My back is just killing me these days. I hope I'm not sick or anything... I'd better be careful and take it easy...
• You should be friendly to other players you want to form a party with.
• Hmmm... it may not be good to have too many friends... I can't remember who's who....

• According to Hirami's investigation, poison waves were extracted from Henako! Go figure.
• I heard there's magic to summon a giant goblin.
• The Japanese version of "The World" is still Version 2.01. I guess patches for different countries take a while.

• Like, I pay attention to those strange vibes, but you. You got something else.
• Touch me and you'll be singed. I'm hot, hot, hot! I AM Henako Bomb 2002! Heeey!! Are you OK? Who would do such a thing?
• I'm so happy now!! Please meet Henako dad! "So you're the boyfriend". Daddy, is it OK if we get married tonight? "OK." Cooool!!!! Thanks, dad!

• Oh, OK! I get it... But wait... No, can't be it...
• That noise... It's...
• OK, I got it now. Geez, this game is really unstable.

• I think something will happen. Bloodshed will occur. Trust me. No pain, no gain.
• Don't know if it's just a one time deal, or if it's the beginning of something big... who knows?
• I didn't know there was a hidden event like that! I guess it's a deeper game than I thought.

• So what's the deal?
• Wing is no good, but really cute... Maternal instincts kick into high gear around him. I wanna smother him.
• It's getting interesting lately. Regular users were starting to bore me.

• I'm logging off soon. Gotta get up early.
• The server went down, but I didn't have any problems, thanks.
• The server crashing was OK, but lightning caused a blackout in our neighborhood. Correct. I lost 6 hours worth of game data...

• What threw me off was that the girl I spoke to yesteday was actually a guy! This is too intense! What is the world coming to?! But this is why we conduct research.
• I was really shocked when the server crashed.
• How does a server crash? Is someone driving it or something? What happens? What?! That's not it?! How embarrassing! I really don't know anything.

• So that's a server problem... I thought it was my computer...
• The server problem is scary, but my machine at home is acting up. I hope THAT doesn't crash!
• I heard Balmung can fly with those wings. Is that true? If so, I really envy him...

• I'm a cat! A pro cat! Right, Beni?
• The deadline's close for the magazine. He'd better hurry with his script... Well, I need to finish my script too, so I'd better shut up and get to work.
• They say the good items are by the Zeit Statue... ...I knew that.

• Yes indeed! I can blame the late script on the server crashing! Only then, shall Mutsuki refrain from complaining.
• I lost my data when the server crashed.
• Hmmm, how I'd like to use ninja skills to... Oh! You musn't listen to this!

• The rocket session was a blast! Were you there?
• I heard they have trading cards for those reality shows... Who buys 'em?!
• There were lots of problems when the server crashed...

Cossack Leader
• Oi, the server didn't crash in the meeting room. It crashed in "The World."
• Oi! Cable modems are over the legal speed limit. All users will be arrested! I'm still using dial-up...
• Hah! Even the server crashing can't keep me from my patrol...

• Yo, server problems are common in online games... Don't worry about it!
• Last week, there was an event called "Surround Alue". I'm so popular, see?
• You can say you knew the person who started this all, see?

Alpha Ichigoro
• It's horrible! The server went down! I'm not going to stay long.
• I am homesick little bit... How do I say... Ah... OK. I am OK. I hope my parents OK too...
• I am OK, but server not OK. I eat sushi to be happy now. Peanut butter and jam sushi!
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