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All of the usual quests are mandatory and taken on throughout the story. These remaining few are all optional but still worth doing for the couple unique items you get and the long awaited(?) "story payoffs"!

The Goblins Are Coming!
Party Members: Haseo
Reward: Book of Power
Unlocks: Highway Master campaign

Last Salute of the Goblins
Party Members: Haseo
Reward: Book of Sense, Demon Safe Shoes

This quest appears in the Quest Shop after Chapter 21 if you've completed the previous Goblin quest.

Farewell Mecha Grunty
Party Members: Any
Reward: Gurah Fist

This quest appears in the Quest Shop after you've beaten the game and cleared the "Stray Mecha Grunty" campaign.

Like always once these campaigns begin you can pretty much stop the main story and go about completing them. A bunch of the rewards are very worthwhile, and many only obtainable by doing these. So if you're wanting to fill out your Ryu Book item lists to rank up your guild level, doing these is a good idea! Plus after doing many of these for 3 games in a row, there is some very light character development on the NPCs who hired you game after game to take these tasks on!

Chase the Bounty
Early on in the game you'll take on the "Dubious Dog" quest and once that's over this campaign kicks off! If you've done this in the previous games, its the same deal here. Creating an area name using the 3rd Word "Berserker" guarantees a Battle aone will be there. You'll hope that inside of it is a PKer of some type, but there's also a chance of there being plain old monsters. I use [Delta] Buzzing Engaging Berserker since there is a Battle area right infront of you from the start with nothing by a short run between it and you. By the way, taking out the Chaotic PKer's is necessary to gain an optional party member in the post-game!

- Goals
Defeat 50 PKet's
Defeat all 7 Chaotic PKer's

- Rewards
5 - 5000 GP
10 - 5500 GP
20 - 6000 GP
35 - 6300 GP
50 - 6500 GP

Chaotic 1: 28000 GP, Sanity Fan
Chaotic 2: 29000 GP, Confusion Leaf
Chaotic 3: 30000 GP, Steel Crest
Chaotic 4: 31000 GP, Steel Shell
Chaotic 5: 32000 GP, Ein Baku Jawbone
Chaotic 6: 38000 GP, Niku Baku Jawbone
Chaotic 7: 44000 GP, World Mirror
All Black Listers: Grudge Water

Bikman's Model
This one gets its own page since the list attributed to it is pretty long! Doesn't mean it's a difficult one, not by a long shot!

Highway Master
This one here is the only optional campaign since the Quest to activate it is also optional. Beating each of the 10 courses without cheating is also optional. But would you look at some of those rewards? Just having the Cat Whiskers item from Course 10 equipped would let you wander into dangerously high level areas and loot them without risk! Pop a Speed Talisman/Charm or an Ap Do along with it and you'll have the equivalent of the Demon's Safe Shoes far far earlier in the game than that accesory comes along! It'll likely be quite a while into the game until you find some of these items, so getting them early is also a boon to your Ryu Book IV item lists!

- Goals
Complete 50 Runs
Ram 3600 Chim Chims
Take 1st Place on all 5 Courses

- Rewards
5 - Speed Talisman x6
10 - Speed Charm x6
20 - Kagikumo Tires
35 - Murasame Engine
50 - Hisame Engine

400 - Beginner's Text
800 - Beginner's Book
1200 - Word of Vigor
1600 - Word of Spirit
2000 - Master's Text
2400 - Master's Book
2800 - Dawn Chim Chim
3200 - Dusk Chim Chim
3600 - Dawn Chim Chim

Course 1
Healing Tonic x6
Revive Storm x6
Hadesbane Salve x6
Steel Shell
Strange Soda x6
Special Tea x6
Chicha Potion x6
Wonder Potion x6
Hagane Armor

Course 2
Smoke Screen x6
Fairy's Orb x6
Noble Rain x6
Grab Bag
Steel Crest
Health Aroma
Battle Cosmetics
Shogun's Fan
Bell of Time
Kurogane Armor

Course 3
Restoring Drop x6
Restoring Rain x6
Warrior Tome x6
Confusion Leaf
Vigor Crystal
Body Moth
Maiden's Hair
Body Butterfly
Tidal Muffler

Course 4
Return Feather x6
Return Wing x6
Knight Tome x6
Santuary Leaf
Spirit Crystal
Mind Moth
Demon Bat Horn
Mind Butterfly
Night Tires

Course 5
Vital Talisman x6
Vital Charm x6
Wizard Tome x6
Iron Cow Stomach
Dreamhold Leaf
Spirit Crystal
True Sun Stone
Revival Serum
Wave Muffler

Course 6
Spirit Talisman
Spirit Charm
Astrologer Tome
Leaf of Binding
Stone Rose Petal
Vigor Crystal
True Moon Ore
Kogane Armor

Course 7
Speed Talisman
Speed Charm
Warrior Trump
Octoscorp Tail
Numbing Lotus
Skill Candle
Silver Stardust
Big Wave Muffler

Course 8
The Fool
Sanity Scroll
Wizard Trump
Leaf of Lament
Giant Snake Skin
Ashen Comet Dust
Sapphire Eye
Rain Tires

Course 9
The Wheel
Hell Raiser
Astrologer Trump
Toxic Leaf
Ein Baku Fur
Colored Core
Ein Baku Jawbone
Seed of the Land
Funbolt Oil
Ayanami Muffler

Course 10
The Lovers
Holy Arrow
Crystal Skull
Dowsing Board
Niku Baku Fur
Niku Baku Jawbone
Divine Seed
Cat Whiskers
Akagane Armor

Chim's Kicker
Kick all of the Chim Chims! More and more! Surely it doesn't hurt 'em? You're gonna need plenty of their Chim Spheres to fuel open doors, activate platforms, and Mecha Grunty! So why not claim some side rewards for all the kicking you'll be doing? Like in Vol.2, your party members will also join in on the kicking action which is usually helpful! By the way, kicking 1 of each kind doesn't net you a rewatd but you'll likely end up doing it anyway.

- Goals:
Collect 1000 Chim Spheres
Kick 1 of each kind of Chim Chim

- Rewards
Halcyon Scroll
Abyss Scroll
Vitality Scroll
Sanity Scroll
Dusk Chim Chim

Stray Mecha Grunty
Like usual you'll need to find Mecha Grunty in areas and refuel him 50 times... wait no! This time around it's only 30 refuels! So you'll get its nice rewards much quicker! And in a twist of events, clearing this campaign actually unlocks a quest! Although you'll have to wait until after clearing the main story in order for it to first show up in the Quest Shop. Like before I use the area [Delta] Great Forbidden Holy Ground for its ease of access to a tree full of Chim Chims and Mecha Grunty!

- Rewards
3 times - Air Rollershoes
6 times - Steam Apron
12 times - Steam War Suit
18 times - Steam Shield
30 times - Superhero Suit

Lucky Data Collection
Those Lucky & Unlucky Animals are due for another kicking! The rewards are nice but it's still a chore tracking them down, even with the "Animal Radar" on hand. Which once again takes up an inventory spot until you've finished each goal. They rarely (or never?) appear in mandatory story areas, so you will be going out of your way to get things done!

- Goals
Kick 50 Lucky Animals total
Kick 1 of each kind of Lucky Animal

- Rewards
5 - Magical Bandage
10 - Shelled Uniform
20 - Dragon's Rage
35 - Cloak of Eight
50 - Emporer's Armor
1 of each - Enlightened Cape

Books of 1000
Gotta get those guild upgrades! And alongside them more wallpaper and music for the desktop, cutscenes to re-view, and greeting cards to further learn about party members! There's also free GP but at this point unless you're starting a new game without carrying over previous data its kinda moot. Getting through the game without really going out of you way you'll probably reach Rank 8, with Rank 9 definitely part of the post-game cleanup.

- Rank 7:
Platinum Extension (costs 100000 GP)
Raises the amount of items and equipment your guilds storage can hold by 25 (from 95 to 120).

- Rank 8:
Platform Heal (costs 800000 GP)
Lets you fully restore your partys HP/SP for free once per area, at a Platform.

Max Guild Shop (free)
This increases the amount of things you can sell in your guild shop by 5 (from 10 to 15).

- Rank 9:
Platform Full Heal (costs 1500000 GP)
This lets you use the previous Platform Heal function an unlimited number of times per area.

I always want more storage space so it's great that this upgrade comes along first! The Rank 8 stuff isn't the greatest. Cool to have more guild shop display space but at this point you'll probably have an overabundance of GP. The final one may be useful for the Epilogue dungeon?

Want a tough fight? Then get out there and challenge a Doppelganger before getting Haseo's last form! Because afterwards this thing isn't a threat, nopes, not at all. If you enter an Area and stand around idle, not pressing any buttons, for a long while then one will appear! But only in Grass and Wilderness fields. If you carried over data from Vol.2 then you should have the 3rd Word "Moonlight". Create an area using that and one will be there right from the start! It's still Haseo's current level +8 which makes it a fearsome opponent?

The usual Sleipnir strats won't go over so well here! Because this jerks pretty much invincible until its SP is depleted! Sleipnir's attack will decrease its SP instead of HP which is kinda nice but in the end you'll still be fight a pretty much full HP Doppel. The new simplest way to cheese the fight involves using Haseo's Xth form! Once you have Dual Guns go to an area and fill up your morale meter. I suggest a super low level field, with party members that give big morale boosts for killing a monster themselves like Kuhn or Piros. After a few fights that meter should be full! All the quicker if you have a morale boosting accessory equipped!

Then go and find Doppelganger, activate Beast's Awakening, and rush it with Dual Gun shots from close range! All the better if you used Cheat Alchemy to give your guns more bullets before needing to reload! It should go down with a little less then one full bar of a Beast's Awakening. Like usual you'll be doing almost all of the damage but its still worth it bringing party members who use physical attacks over ones that use magic.

If you've beaten Doppel in the previous games and carried that data all the way over to here you'll be in for some real treats! Defeating Doppel the first time will get you the Bygone Servant key item and DG-0 weapon which can be decent if you let yourself get and stay at low health. The second time? All four of your Doppel-related key items will shatter and forever be lost from your inventory! In return you're awarded the Shadow accessory and the Other Self armor! These are some amazingly good equipment! So good that you can't equip either one until you're Level 150! I guess they knew how little of a threat it is this time around...

Avatar Refights
Like you may know by now, after winning an Avatar battle during the story, you get your opponents data. This can be loaded into the Serpent of Lore which allows you to re-fight those old opponents! Supposedly fighting them again at higher levels then you originally had makes them easier? Anyhow if you noticed some missing spots in your Wallpaper collection, doing these fights again is how you fill those spots in!

Crimson VS
You may have gotten used to this side-game in Vol.2, but new rules, cards, and deck types come into play! Which makes me even more lost on how to play it. Me + card games = nope. If you're like me then my advice is the same as last time: find a good guide! And since Wins/Losses rack up while you're playing in "The World" you should totally get started on Crimson VS the earliest point in the game you can.

Only two threads you can give replies to and they'll both deal with this games Abyss secret quest. However, the Abyss actually holds the G.U. series Epilogue! So if you don't go through these, you won't have access to that even if you've beaten the main story! Oh and as a heads up, check back up on the "They got me..." thread after you've defeated all 7 Chaotic PKers.

Community Forum
- The World
Thread: A strange place
Reply With: Any of three (but "The Voices" nets the most interesting of the replies if you ask me!)

Thread: Found the Abyss!...I think
Reply With: Any of the three (sadly each reply to your reply is the same no matter what)

The Strongest Team
Once you've beaten the game one of the many e-mails you'll recieve will be from The Sweepstakers! A left arena team who got robbed of their shot at the title bout when the tournament went to pieces. They aren't kidding about wanting to face you at your best, cause they're Level 150! Beating them gets you three unique weapons! The Wrath Bringer, Deadly Fearblade, and Summer's Staff.

Lost Weapon Upgrades
Right from the start you'll get e-mails telling you about Avatar Awakening and using Virus Cores to enhance your Lost Weapons. The first three upgrades are purely stat related, but the final one changes the weapons name and more importantly its Added Effect! It takes 85 Virus Cores in total per weapon. In the HD version of Vol.3, the cost is 50 Virus Cores total per weapon. What a valuable reduction! Also in the HD version you can have more than 99 Virus Cores in your inventory at a time, so you can keep on stocking up until you're ready to spend them without having to worry about "wasting" any by getting more once you'd hit the cap!

For the final upgrade you're pitted against a Level 130 ~ 140 range boss monster. They're decently strong and moreso, have crazy healing / health regen. So much so that at low or similar levels to the boss your progress against it damage-wise is negated really quickly! Don't take them lightly and go in at low levels! By the way, maxing out the Lost Weapons is super worthwhile because...

Virus Core Exchange
Once the Lost Weapons are maxed and you're officially in the post-game, Wise Grunty will open up a shop in the last town!! And in this shop you can trade him Virus Cores for stat boosting items! This includes things which raise your weapon levels, making buying those and using them on teammates by far the fastest way to cap everyones out!! No more slowly grinding away in the Arena!

Optional Party Members
Wait, what?! NOW this series follows the old one by having these? Yup... but only in the post-game.

- 3 of them come from the e-mail "To Morganna's Small Children". Leave the mail unread? Don't get them until you read it.
- 1 of them comes from the e-mail "Be happy, it's a message from (spoiler)". Same deal as above!
- 1 of them comes after defeating the Chaotic PKers, then reading the updated "They got me..." thread in The World forums. You'll then be able to encounter and fight this person in a Battle area like you do other PKs. Check back on that thread again and head over to Breg Epona's back streets to have them finally join up!
- 1 of them is found in Block 50 of the Epilogue dungeon. That's a long, long road to reach.
- 1 of them is actually a current party member at the start of the game, who decides to take off Sakisaka-style (not really)! Throughout the game you'll get several e-mails from this member and if you wanna keep them around the proper reply to each mail is super obvious. If at any point you tell them to get lost... well they will, and there's no going back!

A Promise...
Just to get this out of the way: in order to even be eligible to participate in this you must have acquired every possible party member. Supposedly you don't need the one you can tell to go away forever, but if you do you won't get to see their version of this event!

One of the e-mails you'll have after beating the main story gives you the 3rd Word "BBQ Plate". Using this you can encounter God Chim Chim in areas! I suggest the area [Delta] Buzzing Black BBQ Plate since the God Chim Chim appears just a little north of where you start. Like King Chim Chim you have to kick this guy 10 times. What does kicking it do? Well for one it gets you 180 Chim Sphere, so if you needed to restock on them the this is how you do it! More importantly it raises the affection of the party members you have with you!

In order to send the Promise Card to somebody they have to be at max affection. Which means a pink circle with five pink dots swirling around it. By the way you only get 1 of these cards so save before sending it if you have any intention of seeing everyones marriage/friendship event!

Import Bonus
Bringing over your data from the previous game(s) is always beneficial, plus there's some small benefits on top of! That being these helpful little rewards granted to you right from the start! Can't go wrong with high level recovery items!

Healing Tonic x5
Elven Drop x5
Revive Storm x3
Elven Rain x3
Revive Potion x3
Bonus GP: 10000
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