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After you finish the "Hail Bikman" Quest this campaign commences and it works just the same as it did in the previous two games. None of the rewards are unique in that they can be found in Areas and other place but some won't start showing up until later-ish into the game? So if you tackle this campaign right after its begun you can get them earlier.

Bikman's Model
Once again your goal is to hand out flyers to each NPC running around playing the game like you are. They're automatically forked over just by talking to them so this is a very simple campaign. This time around 13 new players start showing up (all in Breg Epona) to bring the total to 173. Just like in Vol.2, you're given a "Flyer Radar" which you can use in Towns and Areas to see if there are players you haven't yet given a flyer to. It takes up a spot in your inventory until you've finished the campaign. Since inventory space is precious its best to save doing all of this until the post-game if you don't want to do it as it becomes available.

Dol Dona and Breg Epona both have pretty low player counts, plus quite a few who appear in other towns. So doing them first would get a lot of unique and rerun NPCs out of the way fairly quickly. Players can also be found in Areas hanging out by Platforms, including nearly all of the Medic Union who are found only in Areas.

When searching for players in Areas using a small field or wilderness type of place is ideal. If you have the Demon Safe Shoes or an accessory customized with Cat Whiskers, you can run right by monsters and straight to where NPCs hopefully are, no need to sneak around or fight / smoke screen out of battles! Avoiding battles is good, since for some strange reason entering into them may cause NPCs to vanish before you've even gotten a chance to speak to them. As always my place of choice is [Delta] Starting Your Shadow since it's a really small place!

While tinkering with the Chaos Gate keep any eye on the player icons and numbers associated with them. If the number on the left is 3 and the number on the right is 2, this means there's one person in the Area you haven't yet given a flyer to. If the numbers match then there aren't any you haven't given one to, so don't warp since it would be a wasted trip! Just hit the Circle button, then the X button again and the numbers should change! Keep gong back and forth until you find numbers which don't match then head on out!

Random Note: I dunno why Stella is listed above Katura on Bikmans list, since she's one of the new players added to this game!

- Rewards:
12 - Wonder Soda x12
34 - Special Tea x6
69 - Revive Potion x3
121 - Revival Serum
173 - Maiden's Hair

All Human Men - Body Moth
All Human Women - Mind Moth
All Beast Men - Body Butterfly
All Beast Women - Mind Butterfly

Player List
- Key
All = the player appears in Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, Dol Dona, and Breg Epona
MA = the player only appears in Mac Anu
LC = the player only appears in Lumina Cloth
DD = the player only appears in Dol Dona
BE = the player only appears in Breg Epona
ML = the player appears in both Mac Anu and Lumina Cloth
MLD = the player appears in Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, and Dol Dona
MB = the player appears in Mac Anu and Breg Epona
DE = the player appears in Dol Dona and Breg Epona
MLB = the player appears in Mac Anu, Lumina Cloth, and Breg Epona
Areas: the player only appears in Areas

- Human Male: 60
Ninjato (All)
Eddie (All)
Rudolph (ML)
Nogmung (All)
Oimatsu (ML)
IGA (All)
Vergilius (All)
Midnight-Head (ML)
Rider Chyob (All)
Lieutenant Okada (ML)
Corporal Yano (ML)
Ookami Itto (MA)
SideWinder (MA)
tres (MB)
Ubadama (MA)
Heretic (MA)
Kunio (MA)
Encephalon (All)
Lonely Wolf (MA)
Boltz (MA)
Dimitri (MA)
Aralagi (MA)
Aryosha (MA)
Mihirogi (MA)
Nagi (ML)
Kazuki (ML)
Blue Eye Samurai (ML)
Mark (ML)
Wise Dragon (ML)
Battery Tomekichi (ML)
Yoshio (LC)
Katar (LC)
Nagare (LC)
Dragonfly (LC)
Colt 31 (LC)
Pokuri (LC)
Fang (LC)
Chamnosuke (LC)
NonBE (LC)
AK47 (LC)
Pilgrim (LC)
Lettuce Taro (LC)
Machida Man (LC)
Takowaza380Yen (LC)
Great Leo (LC)
Ayuo (LC)
Flamberge (LC)
Saltaholic (DE)
Signaless (DD)
ohmRICE (DE)
Kaki Leader (DE)
Umbrella (DE)
Renji (BE)
Oshino 8 Seas (BE)
mister ma (BE)
kyon-tama (BE)

- Human Female: 50
Schrodinger (All)
Trigger (MLB)
NAOO (All)
Isolde (All)
Wang Lin (MLB)
Chobi (ML)
dr. D (ML)
Henako (ML)
Syake (ML)
Senion (MA)
Inui (MA)
angel hair (MA)
Olive (MA)
Heavenly Flower (MA)
Mile (MA)
Moonlight Dance (MA)
Alice (MA)
Pen Pen (MA)
Abcinian (MA)
1/2 (All)
Restia (LC)
Zebra (LC)
Mako (LC)
Aira (LC)
Menou (LC)
Chrysanthemum (LC)
Punisher Mitch (LC)
Black Pearl (LC)
meruru (LC)
Heart in Brocade (LC)
Hiira (LC)
NiangNiang (LC)
Ayame (LC)
Rental Daughter (LC)
Kiira (LC)
Sapphire (LC)
Madame Insane (LC)
Jade (LC)
Joanna (LC)
Ruby (LC)
Aleneor (LC)
Onyx (LC)
Stella (BE)
Katura (DD)
Beatrice (BE)
Princess Sakuya (BE)
Momoka (BE)
yamato_nadeshiko (BE)

- Beast Male: 26
Barson (Both)
Pale (Both)
Nuada (All)
Tanu (All)
Vanguard (All)
Sky (MA)
Seisaku (DE)
Hideyo (DE)
BJ (Areas)
Osamu (Areas)
Ryotaku (Areas)
Towa (Both)
Shirochan (LC)
Eteman (LC)
Yatsuhusa (LC)
Chamee (LC)
Suzuki Pig (LC)
Pochi (LC)
Julias (DE)
Governor Tadashi (DE)
MSF (Areas)
Bernard (Areas)
Vitamin (Areas)
Jyunjiro- (Areas)

- Beast Female: 37
Ingrid (ML)
TomCat (All)
Sagittarius (All)
Quasar (All)
b1u3 (MA)
Mikatan (MA)
Tiphereth (MA)
Lady of the Lamp (Areas)
Florence (Areas)
Rintaro (Areas)
Ougai (Areas)
Agnes (Areas)
Telese (Areas)
Amber (Areas)
William=G (Areas)
Doyle (Areas)
Watson (Areas)
Phelix (Areas)
Jill (Areas)
Yoko (LC)
Cecile (LC)
Kanko (LC)
Evil Woman (LC)
Ishikari Cat (LC)
Kitty Ladle (DE)
AppleStar (DE)
yabu (Areas)
victor (Areas)
stein (Areas)
Electronic Frog (Areas)
Galvani (Areas)
Axel Rod (Areas)
Katz (Areas)
Nanase Mitabi (BE)
Marian (BE)
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