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Many characters dialogue remained the same as in Rebirth / Reminisce. Rather than needlessly reposting it all, you can check it out here and here. Unlike those previous games, dialogue changes several times over the course of this. So previous and future Redemption dialogue pages will be linked below:

(Game Start) | (PK Tournament Commences) | (PK Tournament Concludes)
(Shortly After) | (State of Panic) | (Towns Shutdown) | (A World Restored)

(Game Start)
Mac Anu

Human Male

> It's been lagging lately.

• By the way, I hear you enter the Arena often. Don't you think it's such a nice place?

• I can't even remember the last time I saw one! I'm sure it's tough for you, but good luck!
• That's why no one plays them anymore. But you're pretty awesome! You've mastered the Rogue! You're the man! I see a true man in you! Good luck in the future!

Rider Chyob
> My fist breaks evildoing! I am the one who will protect this world! Transform!!
• When using Arts, just yelling "Rider Chop!" makes you a hero, too! I smell something dangerous in this town! It's time for the hero to save the land! If you ever need help, just call me, and I'll come flying!

• The Champion's name? It's Gaspard. The top ranker is niu wang. It's been an intense race between these two.

• On the surface, he appears to be a faithful servant, acting as Guild Master as a matter of practicality. But behind the scenes, he was backstabbing people to get to the top!

Blue Eye Samurai
• Some people call us hypocrites, but I think that's foolish. They don't realize that they're just enjoying themselves, and not questioning their own superiority.

Human Female
• There's, like, so many nice guys here, I'm, like, so happy! I, like, got this level 150 sword the other day!

Wang Lin
• Those guys are still up to their usual antics even when their guild has been suspended. I bet some of the remaining members will enter the arena sooner or later. They talked about harmony with everyone online, or something like that. It all sounded vaguely religious... To tell you the truth, I was like "Yeah, whatever."

> Hello! :)
• I haven't been logging in to Ultra Online lately... I think it would be best to stop payment on it...
• But MMOs are so hard to quit, especially when you've played it for a long time...and it's been 19 years for me now. ^^;

• Hmm, maybe it's something special you get for beating a special monster, like the Descendant of Fianna in "R:1." I wonder what Zelkova's doing after Moon Tree disbanded. I'm a bit worried.

• It's not that it's a bad thing. It's just, difficult. Even if they have trouble with people in other guilds, the guild itself never takes action. Oh, there are some nice individual guild members who will help you out, but there's only so much an individual can do.
• A while back, I was wondering if I should join Moon Tree... The guild seemed to be overly protective. That's a bit too much. Mmmm. Guilds really are difficult.

> Whaaaaat? :D
• Hm...? No, you look like him, but something's not the same.

Beast Male
> Did you know? There's a rumor that "The World" has people who don't exist in real life.
• Those people are AIs, or people who were sucked into "The World"... ...and they live like any other PC in a place called "Paradise".
• PCs from "Paradise" usually don't step outside of "Paradise". But when they get bored, they'll come to the "Underworld" for entertainment. To observe people like you who have a real life. And to hope that they too can have a life like yours.
• They are envious of people like you. They can't help but want the things you have. So that's why they're watching your every move, acting like a normal PC. But there's no need to worry. It's only a rumor.

• Oh yeah! The "Terror of Death"! Haseo! He's become real famous, I guess. He even has impostors like you walking around town.

Beast Female
• You know, "The World" lately has... Things seem to be quite strange, don't you think? Like the time we weren't able to log out, it seems like things are stagnant...
• PKers are roaming around areas as if something has taken over them... I feel uneasy even in towns. Everyone seems tense, it's kinda scary...
• Um, what do you think? About what I just said...

• Some idiot keeps saying you've go to think, think, but it's when you're thinking that you get taken out! He really is an idiot!

Lumina Cloth

Human Male
• I can clear normal RPGs without any weapons! That's how I cleared Dragon Best 88, I made all my characters pure fighters. Pretty amazing, right?!

• Hmph. How careless of me. I seem to have forgotten my best equipment. You got lucky, kid.

Wise Dragon
• People, are like jigsaw puzzles. They fit in there, but not here, or they fit in here, but not there... But that's how people's hearts grow, through trial and error.

• ...Of course, it seems that some idiots are feeling the painful effects of striking before thinking. Hmph, how foolish...

• Hey, how is it, really. Are you really strong since you mastered your path?

> What...?
• What do you want? Am I bothering you or something?

• As long as it exists in the system, PKing in "The World" doesn't break any rules. Those who oppose it just because things don't always go as they like are nothing but babies... Moon Tree's activities of getting rid of PKing are off target. You need to consider manners and game issues separately.
• I hear they're still active, although secretly, even when their guild has suspended operations... What good does that do? Who cares about listening to the weak?

• But because of your accomplishments, the "Demon Palace" has lost its (remainder of sentence goes offscreen) I feel like you're taking all the highlights away. That's why I think I'll enter in some higher ranking arenas. You're going for the "Sage Palace" right? I won't let you. You will be my target.
• And eventually, I will become guild master in place of Great, did I just say that?

Human Female
• You've accomplished a two-rank sweep, right? Please give me hints on how to win!

• Lately, I've been so caught up in watching Taihaku fight!
• Speaking of which, I was able to watch a match where the 3 Icolo members fought as a team long ago! There were crazy-looking effects all over the place, and their opponents went down like, bam!... It was SO damn cool!

> Hello! :) The online existence, Syake at your service!
• You're the two-rank champion Haseo right!? What a feat, congratulations!
• What can I say, I hope you'll grow from this experience!
• The Sage Palace remains...! I hope you can accomplish the triple-crown! :)

• I'm the oldest of the PKing triplets, Aira. I have two younger sisters. (next set of dialogue does not display)

• I once met a stupid guy who tried to pick me up online. I ended up PKing that guy. It was hilarious watching how pathetic he was.

• I have nothing to talk to you about.
• I don't know how you were able to do a two-rank sweep, but even professional boxers win in weird ways.
• You do know that I'm a member of the arena fighting team Crusade. I'm not an upstart like you. I have history. Come to the next Tournament. I'll prove it to you.

• dare you defeat Bordeaux like that in the Holy Palace.
• It is time for me to give you a great finale to your life. An end to your life that's worth as much as a bug.
• I will never forgive you. I will get you. Slash, slash...and more slashing to your worthless body!

• You would be...5 points, maybe? Hahaha...LOL I have plans, but I will invite you another time. LOL You should get PK'd for me!

Beast Male
> Man, my eyes are killing me. I guess that's what happens when you stay up all night to play though.
• Oh yeah, you captured 2 straight Tournament titles right? Man, it must be great to be that cool. I wish I could be like that.
• Sirius lost to you in the Holy Palace... But I'm still dedicated to Sirius! I have no problem skipping cram school if it was for him!

• But the "Holy Palace" had some great fights! You did a two-rank sweep, right? Amazing.
• You defeated Sirius, the Holy Palace champ, right? How awesome! That's so cool!! I'll never be able to defeat you... I guess it just shows there's always someone better...

Beast Female
• Come to think of it, Taikhaku is great. He's done everything solo up till now, and hasn't lost once.
• I wonder what Taihaku's level is. I'd love to talk to him, if only once.

• Some idiot says things like "Look at your opponent", but come on, that's when you get attacked! He's such an idiot!

• The lonely hero out to PKK solo is now with a kid and a girl, huh. How things have changed. LOL.

Dol Dona

Human Male
• She was really happy, and she gave me a handmade Alchemized item... I'll treasure this Spin Gai Gu +1 for the rest of my life...

• ...Of course, it seems that some idiots are feeling the painful effects of striking before thinking. Hmph, how foolish...

Rider Chyob
• ...Huh? My old catchphrase was better? It was pretty hard thinking this new one up... :) My fist breaks evildoing! I am the one who will protect this world! Transform! ...You're right, this one suits me better! :D I'll change back the macro settings to the old ones :)

Human Female
> I haven't seen Blue Boy lately. Have you?
• I've heard rumors that Blue Boy has been after the true identity of a large organization. His profile as he waves his blue hair, walking around town as he talks to people with a smile... If I can, I'd like to help him... Oh, where can he be? My Blue Boy...
• Come to think of it, your name... I feel like I've seen it somewhere before... Heeeeeey! You!! You're the useless rogue who became Champion with the help of Blue Boy! I noticed right away how close you two seemed to be!!

> Whaaaaat? :D
• Hm...? No, you look like him, but something's not the same.

• That was a wonderful title match you displayed at the "Holy Palace". Congratulations. I was there watching the match with my friends, and we were all moved by your gallantry. As a fellow Japanese man, I feel very proud of your skill.

Beast Male
• W, why youuuu! You've got a nerve showing up before meeeeeee!! It must be fate!! I shall bring you to your knees!! You do harm to my Pi, and you seem like you're acting up a bit!!
• That alone is unnacceptable, but there's more reason for me to be pissed!!! From what I hear you're good friends with little Bo and big bro Matsu...!!! How can that beeeeee!! What did you do to theeeeeeem!!

Breg Epona

Human Male
> The blue skies of Breg Epona excite meeeeeeee!!
• I finally caught you, Haseoooo!! It's been a while!! Listen as I continue my story of Dol Donaaaaa!!!
• It was hard even after that... It's a story that cannot be told without tears... After buying the maiden clothes and asking my girlfriend to wear it, she refused, and dumped me for it... I thought of escorting a shrine maiden, but she thought I was suspicious, and called the cops on me...
• I went to a cosplay cafe, but was torn by the difference of cosplay maidens and real maidens. My maiden figure collection was thrown away by my mother who was visiting... ...Heyyyyy!!! Are you even listening!?

• I never use weapons, even in regular RPGs. That's how I cleared Dragon Best 88, I made all my characters pure fighters. Pretty amazing, right?!

> Mmm...If I relax, my eyes... my eyelids join together...zzzz...
• zzzz... zzzzzz... zzzz... Why...Why such a check... zzzz... There were...supposed to be no the effects...
• zzzz... zzzzzz... zzzz... Besides...the logout system had the bugs... zzzz... That's absurd...false accusations...
• zzzz... zzzzzz... zzzz... Stop messing around...and come...back... zzzz... Mr. Piros...zzz...

> I finally got her real email address!!
• She's really shy. It was hard getting it from her. But when I told her that I wanted to protect her, even in real life, she got really happy. And that's how I got her address. What do you think? Are you jealous?
• The other day, I gave her a Barkin bag in real life. Even when I'm not with her, that bag will be by her side. Isn't that pretty cool?
• But she seemed to have lost that bag. There's no problem though, because I bought her the same bag again

Rider Chyob
> I cannot forgive the evil that stirs in this world! Transform!!
• Night and day, I battle evil, but what do you think is "evil"? Everyone has a little evil in them, or that's how I think. Therefore, I fight to keep that evil inside of them. If the world is peaceful, a person's heart cannot be controlled by evil. And that's when my duty will be complete.
• Huh? Am I being serious? Hahaha. I'm always serious when it comes to world peace. Even online. If there's no one you feel you need to protect, then evil will control the world. That's why I fight! In this messed up world, my fist will destroy evil!
• So, have you registered the macro? We'll be training our transformation! Trans...formmmm!! Haaaa!! ...Huh? You think I've been influenced by someone? Of course! It's been given to me by the first hero ever, whom I respect! Yes. I shall introduce you to the first hero! ...But, how did you know?

> Which would you believe, something that you see in front of you, or something that you cannot see?
• There are a lot of things you can see, but there's even more that you cannot see. If you don't believe that existence, it means that you believe it doesn't exist, of course. But it doesn't mean that something that doesn't exist would affect you in one way or another.
• For example, obeying a jinx that you don't believe in. For example, a ghostly phenomenon that turns all your lights on as a product of your fear. Do you get it? Even if you deny the existence because you don't believe in it, you cannot run away from it as long as that existence is real.
• Rumors are also something that you cannot see. However, rumors bind a person, and it attracts a person as well. Just you watch. The fate of people who are manipulated by rumors. I'm watching it myself, of course. Along with "him".

> I was half-asleep when I boarded the train, then I noticed I was going in the wrong direction. Hello, I'm ohmRICE.
• When you play games until late at night, you get hungry, right? It's a pain to go to the store late at night, and who wants to cook then? So you end up continuing the game on an empty stomach.
• So here's my new proposal! Have a jar of cookies next to you when you play!! When you get hungry, just grab enough to fulfill your cravings. It's probably a good idea to have a coffee machine next to the cookies.
• Problem end up eating a lot, and you'd gain weight. If you can control yourself, you're fine. But you've not yourself when you're playing. You're stuffing cookies without knowing it, and you end up struggling over it.

Kaki Leader
> Huh? Oh, it's you. What do you want?
• I saw some black dots in an area the other day, but I wonder what they were. Its movements were creepy... It was definitely disgusting...
• Speaking of which, I had some noise running through my screen when I was in that area. I thought it was my M2D, but it was still the same after I made some adjustments.
• The noise? No, I don't see it now. Or...I should probably say that I saw it only when I was in that area. I wonder what that was... It's still a mystery.

> Heh heh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
• I am Umbrella, the lord of the secret organization Bad@$$ that brings fear and terror to the entire world!! What? You hid a frog in your teacher's podium!? I see potential in you!! want to join us...? IS THAT SO!! Someone as evil as you is always welcome!
• Our secret organization, Bad@$$ was formed to save evil! Food is given! Hired depending on drive! Raises based on results! This job is worth it and pays well!! If you join now, you'll receive an original guild emblem signed by yours truly as a bonus gift!
• The only place to display your passion is this evil organization, Bad@$$! Now, send in your applications to this address! Hehehahaha! Haheeheeheeheehee! ...You are joining, right? ...Or were you just teasing me?

> Do you feel there's less people lately? There's less, right? Right!?
• Fewer newbies, fewer acquaintances... I wonder if that Moon Tree incident is the cause? And...those mysterious black dots. Speaking of which, I think I saw those dots too. They come creeping out at you, it was very disturbing.
• Huh? What happenened to the dots? I'm sorry, but I don't remember. I hadn't slept the night before, so when I saw the dots, I got real sleepy... But I'll tell you this! I wasn't scared at all! I didn't faint, I tell you!
• Falling into a come after seeing the black dots, that's unheard of in this scientific world. Scientifically, such a thing is impossible. Mark my words.

Oshino 8 Seas
> Oh...if it isn't the "Terror of Death". It's nice to meet you, my name is Oshino 8 Seas.
• What do you think of the incident at Moon Tree? From my point of's quite shady. I don't think it was just a cracking issue.
• Rumors insist it was a coup by Sakaki, but don't you think that's strange enough? There's only one reason for Sakaki to rebel against Zelkova. It's to overthrow Zelkova as guild master. But it's puzzling to think that cracking needed to be used in such a case.
• Everyone knows that the Moon Tree area would be abolished if such illegal action was used. But cracking happened, so I can only think there were other reasons involved... Well. I have something to attend to. It was great talking to you. I'll see you around.

mister ma
> Fools everywhere. This is no playground.
• What? You have something you want to say? You think this is a playground? How idiotic, this is a battlefield. You're walking around town not knowing such basics.
• This is a town for advanced players. High-level PKs and rankers are all over the place. They'd see you as an easy kill, follow you, and PK you once you step out into an area. Idiots are the only ones who'd walk carelessly thinking this is a town, or a PK-banned area.
• No one seems to feel the tension, especially the new kids. Not long ago, some pink, fat beast was running around acting like a fool. All these peace-minded fools make me want to PK them.

> H, Hi. Hello there. N, nice weather today, isn't it?
• I, I'm not worth talking to. I'm cowardly, timid, inept, I'm worthless. Even now, being here gives me th, the chills. But this is all I can do... Th, that's why I'm here.
• I have al, always relied on people. Quests, missions...I've never solved them myself. I've never earned money for myself because I RMT'd a lot. I have nothing that I earned for myself. I've decided that to quit this game. B, b, but I have something I want to do before I quit.
• Something, just one little thing, I want to quit after I earned something. Th, that can be an item, money, grit, real friends, anything. I, I will not quit until I've achieved this goal. A, at least for once, I want to be cool...haha...

Human Female
> Have you ever believed in yourself from the bottom of your heart?
• There is nothing as tenacious, ignorant, and groundless as thinking that you are always correct. Not only does that impede on others, it also threatens your own growth. The most lenient judge of one person is none other than that person himself. No other person would have such unreliable rules.
• How ignorant is it for one person to believe in his or her rules, while forcing them on others at the same time? You must first doubt yourself, and check if there can be any objection to your ideas. It's not too late for a person to say something after doing such an evaluation.
• It's wrong to think that truth exceeds imagination. Get rid of the box called logic, and let the wings of imagination fly freely. Then nothing is impossible.

> Do you know anything about the Crust Observe System?
• It's a system that is supposed to predict earthquakes using devices that track crust movement in mountains, cities, and coasts. If you install this system throughout the nation, you're supposed to predict when an earthquake would come.
• This system was tested at a model site just a while ago. The test results were good. It predicted mid-size quakes with perfection, and large ones at 80% accuracy! Isn't that great!? Right? Right? Right!?
• The installation of the COS will be completed within 3 years! I can't wait until 3 years later!! I'm already excited!!

Wang Lin
• Those guys are still up to their usual antics even when their guild has been suspended. I bet some of the remaining members will enter the arena sooner or later.

> Hey, you have some nice eyes. My name is Stella. What's yours?
• Sheesh, there's been too many weaklings around "The World" lately. They conform to a certain pattern, and never try to get out of it. Cocky jock-types. They are the worst.
• This stupid dual sword I was with the other day, he didn't even swap his equipment. Isn't it obvious to arrange your equipment depending on what works best against that opponent? But this dual sword, he tries to nullify physical damage against an opponent who's good at spells.
• I was shocked. I was so shocked that I lost energy to scold the guy. Even if I tell him something, he just replies like he wasn't even listening. What's up with players lately!

>... ......
• Y, yes!? What is it!? What can I do for you? I'm sorry. I was reading a book and didn't realize that you were talking to me. Reading a book or playing a game, I should make up my mind. It's hard to decide because I like them both. LOL
• I'm reading a history book. It's about the Shinsengumi. Okita and Saito, I think people from that time of unrest are really cool. I'm not talking about their looks. It's about how they live.
• Well, Hijikata had the looks and the lifestyle. He might be my type. Hehehe =)

Princess Sakuya
> Hello there! I'm Princess Sakuya! Pleased to meet you!
• I'm asking CC Corp to add in a cooking system to "The World"! I bet it'll be fun to cook in "The World"! Everyone will like it! I'm doing a little petition, so will you help me out?
• My hobby is to bake sweets. On Sundays, my house smells really good. Lately, I like to make crepes and egg tarts!
• A friend from my guild lives close by, so I have house parties from time to time. My guild? It's called Salt Mania! Everyone's so nice, and it's so much fun! What? My real age? That's not something you should ask!!

> I wonder if I should PK...
• I've never PK'd before. ...I've been PK'd a lot though. PK, huh... I guess it's easiest to hunt some newbies. Or attack people who just finished a battle... But that just seems so wrong...
• I think you need to do it in style if you were to PK someone. Like those dark heroes, or those that hunt on one of their own, like in comics and movies. Kinda like that.
• Hmm. I wonder. It'll br a pain if people held a grudge on me. I wonder if people would protect me if I joined a guild like Kestrel. Hmm, hmm. Really, what should I do...

> Heeheeheehee. You don't stand a chance if you thought of getting me!
• Oh, hello there. What can I do for you? If you want to PK, find someone else. I have no time to deal with muscle-heads.
• Huh? Aren't you the PKK "Terror of Death"? You came at the right time! I was looking for someone like you! You can be my bodyguard! I will pay for your services, of course!
• Everyone comes attacking me, and I don't ask them to, of course. I'm too lazy to smack those muscle-heads myself. So will you accept? It's a win-win situation.

> I partied up with someone strange the other day... I'm so depressed...
• The first thing that person said was to give up all my drop items. That's insane, and is unfair. So I refused, and this kid got really angry...
• Things calmed down, so we went battling, but this person didn't even participate. A harvest cleric that didn't heal or support, and continued to brag about equipment. I gave a little warning, then the first thing you know, I was called a bully...
• There are a lot of odd people in online games, but this was too much. I don't feel like partying up with anyone other than my friends. I don't feel like talking to people who use too many emoticons... Really, what was up with her... That NAOO kid...sheesh...

Beast Male
> Beasties beasties beastieeees Beasties beast beast beast beast!
• What is it! I'm busy practicing my song! Don't bother me!! This song? You'd be surprised! It's a song for our troops!!
• A soulful song written for our unchanging love for Master Gabi and our eternal love for beasts!! I wrote the song! I composed the song! I arranged the song!! Ha, bow down, I say!!
• Now, you should sing along! One two three! Hit it!! Beasties beasties beastieeees Beasties beast beast beast beast!

Governor Tadashi
> The reason for this world is healing! Healing is power! Power is healing! Healing is love!!
• If love saves people, healing, which embodies love, is the best expression possible! In fields, in dungeons, in towns! In all sorts of places, we shall heal people!! That means to love every single person in any given location!!
• Anyone can love! Love is inside every person's heart! However! Troubled hearts are everywhere now, and there are cases where people fall into comas from playing a game! Can we accept this!? Never! Never in a million years!!!!
• If people forgot how to love, we shall bring that feeling back to them!! With a burst of healing power, we will make people remember love!! Now! Help us as we scream until our voices fade! NEED MORE POWER!!!

> If you have business with me, please keep it brief. I don't have time to be talking to guys.
• ...If I've joined the NAOO-Knights? You must be joking. I'm an eternal slave to beauty. I have no such freedom.
• Aphrodites are half of this world's population. Every female is a beautiful butterfly, as it is also a beautiful flower. I want to love every female as equally as possible. To touch her and to praise her beauty equally. But to do so requires a lot of time. I don't know if I can accomplish it in my lifetime.
• How can one love one person eternally, when I feel I'm wasting my time talking to you? I cannot. I cannot perform such a sin. Never. Well, I'm in a hurry, so I must go. Oh, you beautiful girls! I'm on my way...!

Beast Female
> Believe it or not, I'm actually a member of Kestrel.
• Everyone thinks that Kestrel is all about PKing, right? But there are some that help out newcomers and give Repth to others.
• The guild master says that as long as we abide by the user agreement, any form of playing the game is simply "playing the game". Yes, he leaves it all to us, and I won't deny that. But I think that's actually the right thing to do, in a sense. It depends on the person if he were to PK, PKK, or help others. It's all about having fun in "The World".
• Getting PK'd? It happens often. I get PK'd just for being a Kestrel member, and there are other times when I get PK'd for no reason. Oh, and I've had fellow Kestrel members PK me as well. LOL

Nanase Mitabi
> What is it? I there something I can do?
• There are some that say PK is thrilling and fun, but I don't think so! The most thrilling thing in this world is to sneak into the most famous locations of paranomal phenomena.
• You bring your digital camera and video camera to tunnels that aren't being used, hospitals, cemeteries, and hills. You're supposed to be the only one there, but you hear someone scream. You almost faint, but it's so much fun!
• It's exciting to see what you took on your cameras! I went to a factory that shut down due to a fire, but I was able to capture something really cool! Men in their uniforms were bowing outside of the window! That window was on the 3rd floor!! Isn't that creepy!?

> To do or not to do. That's the problem.
• Our store isn't doing so well. Because of it, I've been doing a lot of thinking. If I win the lottery, I'd rearrange my store... Oh, I own a pancake store in real life. It's small and dirty, but I pride myself in our food.
• If only I can win big, and do a makeover on my store... My son was supposed to inherit the store, but he seems to be changing his mind lately. Maybe we'll attract a younger customer base.
• How will I earn that much money... That's what I've been stressing over. It's like a pie-in-the-sky, so it's hard to even laugh at. You can ignore me if you want.
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